Job Description: 

Technology Solutions Experts, Inc. (TSE) is seeking a highly qualified individual to join our Research and Development (R&D) Team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for conducting research on various simultaneously running research projects, developing analytical models and methodologies, providing implementation recommendations, and writing proposals for innovative research. This position requires an ability to work closely with the customers, to anticipate customers’ needs, and to set priorities for the development simulation software. Additionally, the candiate will work alongside teams of researchers, analysts, and software developers creating analytical models, verification and validation of models, implementing models into simulation programs, testing, and processing documentation.

Job Duties: 
Conduct necessary statistical analyses on simulation studies
Provides mathematical support to engineering and/or product teams
Perform a variety of related tasks associated with project work-load
Develop and maintain documentation of methodologies
Provide technical support to user community
Write technical reports for publication
Participates in special projects as required
Master’s Degree in Mathematics or related field
Strong communication, teamwork, and managerial skills
Detail oriented
Able to follow work plans and deliver tasks according to aggressive deadlines
Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
Ability to work with customers and to set priorities for distributed work team
Strong understanding of and ability to apply simulation concepts
Ability to organize and analyze potentially large data sets and to identify data gaps
Ability to conduct statistical analysis
Experience with testing (writing test plans, conducting test efforts, and analyzing results)
U.S. citizenship
Preferred Skills: 
Military (particularly infantry) experience