Data Access
and Retrieval Tool

Data Access and Retrieval Tool (DART)

TSE designed, developed, implemented, and currently maintains the Data Access & Retrieval Tool (DART) website. TSE developed DART in support of the Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS) program to house Soldier performance-related studies, files, and data as well as foster information and knowledge exchange among Department of Defense (DoD) users. A Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides visitors with user-friendly access and streamlined navigation. Users can access DART directly from the M&A Web Portal. TSE implemented a custom ASP application handling all requests to and from DART allowing for seamless authentication and authorization.

Major Features:

  • Access via the Internet
  • Password-protected, secure user accounts
  • Study search and file finder
  • Robust data query
  • Glossary

Data ClassesAnalytic Resources
MoveWeapons and equipment specifications
ShootPhysiological data
Sense and perceiveTechnical reports
DecideWebsites and other useful links