Infantry Warrior

Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS)

The Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS) is a constructive, force-on-force simulation used to model individual Soldier and Small Unit Operations (SUO) in complex environments. IWARS supports analyses in the areas of survivability, lethality, mobility, and situational awareness. IWARS has Soldier representations for medics, scouts, and engineers with dynamic behaviors such as evacuations, breaching, and communicating threats. IWARS has an enhanced Common Operational Picture (COP) and User-Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) through additional options for modeling signal strength and network latency, and models for propagating the signal via node hopping.

Feature Highlights:

  • Change an IWARS Agent’s equipment mix (e.g., weapons, munitions, protection)
  • Supports placement of scenario elements using drag and drop functionality
  • Non-Lethal weapons
  • Vehicle agents that may be used for transport or aerial surveillance
  • Barriers, mine fields, and trenches
  • Create complex agent behaviors using the Mission Builder
  • Database Editor Tool to create new or modify old equipment
  • Output Analysis Tool to view and analyze scenario results
  • Easily organize and perform batch runs in the Batch Run Analysis and Simulation Studio (BRASS)
  • Case Matrix Tool to create different variations of a scenario to run in BRASS

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