Capturing written data and photos for property management, particularly information from a printed form, can be frustrating, time-consuming, and error-prone. To address the challenges of digitizing an existing workflow, we developed SnapTrack, a mobile app that leverages the advanced built-in capabilities of ubiquitous mobile phones, voice recognition, cameras, and network connectively with advanced processing.

SnapTrack enables users to rapidly capture photos, scan barcodes, and digitize paper forms to integrate with APIs where the data can be stored and integrated with other services. The app provides advanced capabilities across the full spectrum of mobile devices and enables users to digitize workflows and improve the capturing of data and metadata.

Key features include:

  • Secure authentication: supports both common security login methods and advanced DoD-compliant methods
  • Personalization: set preferences at any time based on their specific needs or location
  • Comprehensive help: access app-related news, updates, and instructions without having to update to the latest version
  • Managing items: edit fields, set required fields, cross-check items against external database or API, capture and edit photos
  • Barcode and OCR: supports full range of barcode formats and enables users to convert forms to full-text readable documents in multiple formats